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Sunday8:00 PM UTC
Monday11:00 PM UTC
Tuesday11:00 PM UTC
Friday11:00 PM UTC
Saturday8:00 PM UTC


Corgi is a full-time, extremely tall, and partnered furry content creator on Twitch.tv with over 10 years streaming-experience! Corgi's focus has always been on community and chat interaction, providing a safe space for all, and new, fun, and innovative ways for viewers to participate in streams! Everyone is welcome here!


  1. An avid enjoyer of videogames and movies, Corgi began content creation at a young age, producing youtube videos on his parent's computer using a Dazzle Platinum HD capture card.
  2. In 2011 Corgi would learn about livestreaming, and begin streaming as a hobby to a small audience of his then-girlfriend Julune. This hobby would lead him to Justin.tv, and eventually Twitch in early 2012, where he would continue streaming on-and-off until 2018.
  3. Corgi would move to Canada with his wife Julune, and begin streaming 5-days a week under the username "Schihl" while working a full-time job as a kitchen manager.
  4. Corgi would finally rebrand his channel to "CorgiCam", using his webcam to show off his 3 IRL corgis. Corgi would soon gain a large influx of followers from being featured in a video on Ludwig's YouTube channel.
  5. Corgi would don his very first 2D VTuber model created by Julune, kickstarting his career as a furry VTuber.
  6. Corgi would finally become Partnered on Twitch.
  7. Corgi would quit his job, and become a full-time content creator on Twitch.
  8. Corgi would host an uncapped sub-a-thon for SUBtember, which would last until October 12th - a total of 42 days.
  9. Corgi hosted his second sub-a-thon for SUBtember, which lasted a total of 53 days. He also hosted a Party Animals tournament with 16 streamer teams and 64 players, with a prize pool of $2,500.
  10. Corgi attended his first convention at Midwest Furfest, where he hosted a Vtubing and content creation panel.